Evaluation point 3

For this task I will be discussing the feedback I have received from people and how it has been helpful. I have been lucky to receive so much feedback on Facebook from friends. I made a video on iMovie asking people to say what their favourite and least favourite things about my video were.

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Evaluation Point 2

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For this task I created a prezi, discussing each concept of my media products and how all of them synergise. The link below is for the prezi but I have also taken some screenshots of the prezi for easier viewing.



Evaluation point 1

For this task, I used iMovie to create a video discussing how my music video did or did not meet the conventions of a real media product. I overlaid a voice over with a point about each aspect of my video.

Digipak advert 7- Final advert

This is my final advert for my Digipak. I have increased the brightness to draw more attention. I changed the logos to transparent ones so that they look more professional and had to move the logos to the right of the screen as they were not clear and too dark on the left once they had been made transparent. I added a release date at the bottom of the advert in smaller writing because, taking into account that Indie artists do not like to over market to their audience, I felt that a small release date is subtle and visible enough to the real fans of the music genre. The colours are restricted to three or four main colours so that the audience are not overwhelmed and the font is kept to an informal, hipster style to attract the target audience. I kept the writing yellow rather than changing it to the widely used white font, because the music video is Wes Anderson themed and a theme of his is yellow font. FINAL AD

Digipak advert 6- Feedback

The slideshow presents the feedback I was given. People said that I should add a release date and make the logos transparent. I will make these changes for my final advert.

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Digipak advert 5-Mock up of advert

This is the mock up of my advert. To create the advert, I increased the vibrancy, emphasised the overlays, sharpened the images and added the QR code, as well as the symbols for Soundcloud, YouTube and iTunes. The symbols signify that the song can be found on these platforms. advert

Digipak advert 4- Layout and Flat Plan of my advert

This is my Flat Plan of what my advert will look like. It has all the expected elements of an advert but will still have the Indie aesthetic. I will use the image of Julia that I used on my front cover of the digipak so that the advert and the digipak synergise. plan